lives and works in Amsterdam ( Netherlands )





Near the water

MariaMaria is a professional artist ‘born’ in Amsterdam, the Netherlands in 1995 and the pair have worked together on their photo images ever since. Position, memory and repetition play a vital role in the work of artist duo MariaMaria. Their work is based on a consistent concept: Two persons at an anonymous location without an audience performing or re-performing a scene from everyday life. To question reality they play the dual role of photographer and performer whilst exploring the possibilities of analogue photography.


Water is a recurring scenery in our work; a choice which lies completely in line with our concept bringing in unknown locations. The same two human figures are always part of these live water landscapes. In our role as photographers we shoot our images through a distant methodology and use film techniques. Photography as a medium doesn’t tell a definite truth but rather shows how the camera ‘saw’ it. As performers we have to transform from actual people into depersonalized models and become props. It’s important that we relate ourselves as ‘objects’ equivalent to the environment of the different waters a lake, a sea, pond or ditch and to each other.


The photo images show the static moment in the choreography by creating a still life of two persons being at the water. The repetition of the presence of docks creates a new sub-series within the water series. Our dual presence in space and time results in photographs in which recipients of the same image see and experience different continents of the world. The abstraction of the location seems to step across borders. It's about looking at the everyday world through various positions that are occupied by the different points of view of

performers/models, photographer/camera -position and of equal importance the position of the recipients/viewers.