Laurence von der Weid

Born in Switzerland in 1977, Laurence von der Weid lives and works mainly in Paris.


After studying economics and starting a career in communications, she has dedicated herself exclusively to photography since 2010.


Through a documentary and social approach, her photography allows her to discover worlds she couldn’t otherwise access and to follow where the gaze usually stops.






Waiting for Eternity


Passing the gates of the monastery, I discovered a humble, austere world, without any artifice, where contemplation and manual labor alternate endlessly to the rhythm of the natural light.

A world behind walls, sheltering a community, each of whose members silently shares the same habit, the same setting, the same beliefs.


A strict world through which individuals with rigid bodies, marked by renunciations, move in obedience and submission.


A world in which an impression of serenity emerges all the same.