Coco Amardeil

Lives in Paris (France)






Crazy Mummy


Crazy Mummy is a creative, photographic project begun in August 2014 with my daughter Zhansaya, then 10 years old. The concept was to produce a series of photographs of Zhan in off-beat, joyful situations, in the image of my work as a professional photographer. I suggested setups to Zhan, we talked about them, and she gave her opinion (refusing, for example, to have an octopus on her head!). I can state that we developed this project together, with total complicity and while having fun: I wanted to share creative times with my daughter. It’s a different view of mother-daughter complicity, of love and of maternal love. Images full of humor and spontaneity.


After the end of the first session, we pursued the story during travels or shared moments, allowing our followers to keep track of us through our adventures.

The “snapshot” look is a real choice. It is a mother’s vision: simple and pure. To achieve it, I wanted a “snap” effect, grainy and with vignetting.