Caroline Chevalier

Born in 1978, lives in Arles (France)


Graduate of l’Ecole Nationale Supérieure de la Photographie, Arles, France.





Wild horse /// California 2012


My work observes and questions being.

Tension and fragility coexist in my images. Expressions seem both serious and absent, worried and peaceful. In a sort of presence/absence conjured by bodies at once present and abandoned, the subjects float. The universe that is created suggests a feeing of strangeness.


Wild horse is a series I began in California in 2012.

The images oscillate between emblematic signs of collective memory (in this case the American west) and an enigmatic, fragile, sensitive – sometimes melancholic – dimension. There is a notion of “ephemeral temporality” bringing together past and present, reality and fiction, and in which the figures are fleeting.

A wandering that questions and responds to the ambiguities of temporality, of situation, and of condition.

A narrative as refrain.